Choosing a Teacher

Making the right choice

Choosing the right teacher  can be a tricky business, and frankly a bit of a gamble. We’ve all been there. So how do you decide?

Firstly, you need to reassure yourself that you’re likely to get on with your prospective teacher. That’s why I always try and give as much information as possible in both my web presence and in email and telephone responses to enquiries.

You can generally get  a pretty good idea of what makes someone tick from a website or email exchange – that combined with a quick look over the testimonials from previous and present pupils, should give you a feel for what’s on offer.

A listen to some of the music they play as a performer too, and you should be able to establish if you’re in the same ball park. (On that note, check out my ‘Cover Stories with Mark Bennett Guitar’ YouTube Channel  – home performance video recordings made during the two COVID 19 lockdowns to entertain my FB friends and put a bit back).


In short, I teach pretty much all popular styles at beginner to intermediate level. My core personal leaning is towards the jazzy, rockin’, funky end of the blues (both acoustic and electric), and acoustic rock/folk etc. In those areas I can also help advanced players too.

If you are an advanced level classical, or metal guitarist I am perhaps not the teacher for you… but you’ve probably spotted that already anyway. When it comes to bass, I come very much from the ‘learn to play it properly’ end, rather than the ‘I’m gonna play bass because it’s easy’ school… (so be warned – you’re not here for an easy ride!)

This seems to be a fairly self-selecting process – a teacher presents their ‘shop window’,  you choose the one that you feel best suits your needs. 

I’ve been teaching now for approaching 12 years at the time of writing – in this time I’ve started or taught a fair few hundred people! Some people choose to get the basics then move on. Others are in for the long haul. The fact that I have had quite a few people stay with me for over 5 years and a good handful come for over 7 says something about customer satisfaction.

If in doubt, feel free to ring for a chat. Come and try one lesson, and see how you feel… That’s really the only way to tell for sure.



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