Online teaching via Skype

Prior to March 2020, Skype teaching made up maybe 10% of my workload. The focus was very much on face-to-face in the flesh teaching and Skype was, in effect, an add on service…. for pupils that had moved away, were working away, on holiday, couldn’t make their lesson etc

The day before the official Covid lockdown that all changed – I made the executive decision to move all teaching online. For the best part of 18 months my teaching was exclusively via Skype. 

In such difficult times for all of us, bizarrely my teaching volume increased. This was quite an eye opener. Not only did it make me realise that there was a whole wealth of people out there with time on their hands that wanted to learn new skills, but it made me realise how good teaching online via Skype actually is.

Fast forward 2 years to March 2022 and I was back on the face-to-face teaching for those that want it. Tellingly, approximately 50% of my long term ‘local’ pupils still chose to have their lessons online, which I guess says something about the remote platform and the advantages it offers…

It also enables me to teach anyone anywhere… from anywhere in the world! All both parties need is a phone/tablet/laptop and an internet connection…. oh, and a guitar. Don’t get me started on my ‘Digital Nomad’ plans and preperations  you will be able to read  about that on the site elsewhere.

That is quite liberating, and offers a whole wealth of opportunities…

With my recent relocation to South Benfleet (SS7),  the balance is currently approximately 70/30 online to face-to-face, but the latter is building once again as I raise my profile in the local community.



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